Here you will find some of the Plucker projects I'm working on. This list is by-no-means exhaustive, and all of the projects listed here are in varying degrees of completion and complexity (with the Wikipedia project being far and away, the largest to date!).

Why are you doing these things?
"I believe in the Plucker project. I've supported it for 8-9 years now in code, CVS hosting, website hosting and other pieces where I could help. I want to be able to provide other people access to materials to read and learn from when they are WAY offline, with no power for miles and miles."

encycloPlucker, the full Wikipedia in Plucker format

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Below are some screenshots of the FULL Wikipedia converted to Plucker format. The full content of the Wikipedia was fetched page-by-page using a local instance of the data imported into MySQL, after many custom modifications were made to the Mediawiki software that drives it, to make it more usable on handheld devices.

If you’d like me to convert other works of this quality email me and let me know.

To view this in the best format possible, you can use my Plucker Anti-aliased fonts. I’ve converted the fonts shown here in these screenshots here into a format suitable for Plucker.

When this project is fully completed, I will be making it available for download at a modest cost for any and all users who are interested in having the full Wikipedia material on their Palm device. This project took roughly 80 hours of time to modify, write some additional conversion filters, import and convert. The conversion process takes roughly 4 days for each pass, on a fast machine. Its BIG.

This version has literally millions of entries interlinked between thousands of pages. Everything you see in the screenshots below in red, is a link that does not yet exist in Wikipedia. I will be updating this work on a regular basis, so that it continuously improves and continues to grow (and those red links will become blue, and usable).

encycloPlucker splash pageencycloPlucker Table of ContentsencycloPlucker sample pageencycloPlucker sample pageencycloPlucker sample pageencycloPlucker splash page

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7 Responses to “encycloPlucker, the full Wikipedia in Plucker format”

  1. […] is now 6:49:21pm on a Sunday night. I am sitting at home on the couch, writing up some code for my Wikipedia projects when I receive a call on my mobile phone, from a local number in the 860 area […]

  2. Martins Irechukwu Says:

    please is their anyway i could download this pdb file

  3. No, I’m sorry Martins… there is not.

  4. Hi there,
    I’m looking for better Wikipedia formats and I would love to use Plucker on Palm to browse Wikipedia.

    So, are there any news on this project? Any documentation? Any Alpha or Beta version of scripts to test or something?

    Cheers, gERD

  5. Dr Haisook Says:

    So are you just teasing us? All those seemingly marvelous projects you’ve made, but you won’t provide download links to.
    Why would anyone support you or donate to you when there is no practical use from your projects?
    I’m clueless!

  6. These specific Wikipedia projects will not be downloadable (as the articles state), but hundreds of other downloadable samples are available on this site are. You’re welcome to use them, or not… it’s your choice.

    I do in my spare time because I find it fun and interesting. Once someone else starts telling me what I should be doing in my spare time, I’m going to find something else fun to do instead.

    Make sense?

  7. hey its wrong why dont you give us download

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